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Lesson #1 Standards are not what we should aspire for, they are the minimum level of performance to achieve an objective, we can be better than that.

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The Course

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to develop a performance analysis process into your coaching. The content is a work based structure, with all assignment activities and assessments mimicking the challenges and types of activities undertaken in the real world role of a sports performance analyst. You will be required to monitor teams and individuals and analyse performance before presenting your results.

How is the Course Delivered?

The course is offered in an online format to allow you to still work and learn.

Immersed in online lessons, you will gain hands-on experience from session one, while actively engaging with a cohort of like-minded peers.

In the online lesson and resource environment, you will participate in micro-lessons, with access to discussion forums to exchange questions and answers with your cohort of peers.

What will I learn?

Develop a performance analysis process to meet the needs of your own coaching environment

Identify key terms used to analyse performance

Identify categories of performance for profiling and analysis of performance

Design and use an analysis template, based on objective analysis across a range of sports

Create data models to retain, analyse and evaluate performance in a range of sports and situations

Develop and apply basic excel skills to organise, store and analyse a range of data

Apply basic Excel skills to evaluate GPS output to identify physiological demands of sport

Competently use the Nacsport software as part of a video analysis protocol in team and individual-based sports

Competently use Kinovea software to evaluate movement and skills in sport

What are the requirements?

Be able to read, interpret and complete written and practical tasks that will include mathematical data

Be able to organise written information clearly and coherently, to present to others

Have access to a Windows based PC to access all course content

Have access to the Nacsport video analysis software to complete the video analysis module. We'll show you how to get a free extended trial licence to follow along

Have access to and a basic understanding of Microsoft Office Suite (or equivalent)

Have access to Kinovea Free Open Source Software to complete applicable tutorials